DGS Collection Suite

DGS Collector

DGS Collector is our powerful robust server application that allows you to capture and retrieve production data from various machines, devices and databases, and then store that data in a meaningful way to a central SQL Server database. Using a modular plugin architecture DGS Collector has the ability to add custom support for nearly any device on a network!

DGS Manager

DGS Manager allows users to create and view custom reports and real-time screasn, input manual data, configure shift schedules, explore the data using our Query Analyzer, and much more. The whole system is designed with a User/Group Permissions model, giving fine control over what access each user and/or group of users has access to.


DGS TV is an application that powers Remote Display TV screens. This will display a constant loop of various reports such as production stats, safety info, downtime, videos, pictures and even RSS ticker feeds.

DGS Mobile

DGS Mobile is our latest addition, allowing users to now view various reports created in DGS Manager on their mobile devices such as the iPad, iPhone or Android.