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Our History

Valley West Controls was founded in 1991 by Rob McLean and Merrill Peterson, when they were working in automation, programming PLCs and Sorters for the lumber industry. They created the first version of the DGS ("Data Gathering System") in early 1997. As our customers needs for more and better data has grown so has the capabilities of DGS.

At the end of 2004 the first version of DGS Manager was released. With all of the data being collected into one place our customers need tools to view it. DGS Manager allowed users to create and view reports, spreadsheets and real-time views in one easy to use client. Since the initial release we have added many features. Input screens for manual entry, query analyzer for viewing the raw data, user / group management system for permissions and much more.

Our Team

Valley West started with just 2 owners and as the DGS software suite grew so did the business. Our strong support and development team continues to grow as more and more customers use our system. The DGS software suite is in use in over 100 locations around the world and is supporting 5000 users worldwide.

Our Products

The DGS software has been in use for over twenty years, it has also been in active development for that entire time as well. A lot of what part of the DGS Software suite today is thanks to our customers. Their requests help drive DGS development forward. DGS is constantly evolving to meet their needs as well as changes in technology and continue to do so in the future.

Our Customers

Here at Valley West Controls we are grateful for all the great customers we get to work with. Our customers help drive our products forward. Some of our major customers include BC Ferries, Canfor, Tolko, Rex Lumber, Western Forest Products, West Fraser, and many more.