Valley West Controls was founded in 1991 by Rob McLean and Merrill Peterson, when they were working in automation, programming PLCs and Sorters for the lumber industry. They created the first version of the DGS ("Data Gathering Software") in early 1997. The DGS pulled in data from PLCs into a central SQL Server database. This software has now grown to have the ability to pull data directly from various PLCs as well as most industry standard optimizers, databases and even some proprietary systems such as JD Edwards.

With all this data in one place, we built DGS Manager to allow users to create and view reports based on all of the collected data on a per shift, day, month or even yearly basis.

Our Team

As the DGS software grew, so did the business. Valley West started with 2 owners, and now has a strong team that continues to develop as well as support the DGS System. We now have DGS installations in over 70 locations supporting more than 3500 users.

Our Products

Our collection of DGS Software has grown over the last twenty years, and continues to evolve to meet the needs and requirements of our customers.

Our Customers

Some of our major customers include Canfor, Tolko, Western Forest Products, West Fraser, and many more.