DGS Collector

DGS Collector is the back-end of the DGS ("Data Gathering System"). It is our robust server application that allows you to capture and store production data from PLC's, Optimizers, Databases, RSS Feeds and Web services into a central SQL Server Database. Wherever data is located, DGS Collector will pull from it¹.

DGS Collector has a huge list of supported vendors with more being added all the time. If we run across a not yet supported machine, we are able to quickly build a plugin thanks to DGS Collector's modular architecture¹. We have not run across a machine yet we were unable to pull from.

DGS Collector doesn't just collect data, it can also be configured to send out notifications and reports, helping you react quickly to changes at your company². Text messages can be sent to mobile devices³ or by email allowing you to get productions stats and alerts while away from a computer. DGS Collector can also send specially designed reports by email that are easily viewed on your mobile device.

(DGS Collector pulling and processing data from a ControlLogix PLC)

  1. Additional development maybe required for systems we have never encountered before and may also require vendors permission before we are able to access proprietary formats.
  2. Additional fees may apply when receiving Text or Emails on a mobile device.
  3. Text messages to phones is only available for carriers that accept messages by email